French Problems

I have reached the point where I am feeling less motivated about healthy eating –this is reflected in the large takeaway pizza box that has been hidden in the recycling box…

After Easter we went to a lovely little spa resort in Normandy, France. I knew that food-wise this would be, shall we say, problematic. Once I go into holiday mode it’s as though my logical brain switches off and the indulgence methodology sets firmly in. I had an amazing time and consumed croissants, French patisserie, baguettes, cheese and wine galore. I can’t say I regret it, but I do feel guilty that my immoderation caused me to gain half a stone (7lbs). I did have a wonderful time though.

So, two weeks later and the children are back at University, we’ve adjusted to being back in Ol’ Blighty and I’m back racing around school. In that time, I have almost managed to lose my French weight. I’m getting back into the fasting routine and because work is so busy I don’t have time to think about food; I start work at 7.30 and leave work at 4.30 – I usually work through break and lunch so I have less work to take home in the evenings; weekdays are working well. However, the thing I am having an issue with is the desire to treat myself at the weekend, which in my book starts the minute I leave work on Friday. I need to find healthy treats that feel indulgent, but that don’t damage all the hard work I am doing during the week, we’ll see how that goes.

This weekend – aside from the moment of pizza madness on Friday night – I’ve been pretty good, actually I’ve been very good overall, despite the urges to be more than a bit naughty. Next weekend we are celebrating my parent’s 50th Wedding Anniversary, so I will need to be extra good this week to compensate. After that I should be in a fairly safe zone until the summer – fingers crossed!


What low carb/paleo treats work for you?


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