Plateau fear…

Five weeks into the diet and I think I may have overdone the cheese… I only weigh myself once a week and this week there has been little movement. Mind you, I have still lost the odd half inch here and there, so I haven’t succumbed to complete despair! It would be so easy to slip slowly sideways off the diet waggon, but this time I am resolved and determined not to give in!

Cheese could well be my nemesis. This week is the first week that I have not lost at least a pound or two and I have been here before. Last year I reached this stage after four weeks and I really struggled to persevere for the next four weeks; my efforts unfortunately did not pay off and I remained on the plateau until I gave up.

So, now is the time to really up the ante and start exercising. I’m going to take the plunge and join the local pool and gym, so I can build up my stamina and strength whilst burning off some of those calories. Finding the time will be difficult and I know it will take a few weeks to get back into the swing of going, especially after a long day teaching.

What about you? How have you motivated yourself to keep on track or get back into regular exercise?



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