Asparagus, Avocado and Goat’s Cheese Salad

Asparagus, avocado and goats cheese salad (1024x758)Lettuce of your choice ( I used rocket and iceberg)

½ red onion finely chopped

5-6 baby plum tomatoes

½ ripe avocado

4 fine asparagus shoots ( chop into bitesize pieces)

Goats cheese

Salt and pepper (optional)

Serves 2

  • Layer the ingredients in your serving bowl.
  • I made a base layer of lettuce, sprinkled with finely chopped red onion, halved baby plum tomatoes and raw asparagus shoots. Topped with chopped avocado and goat’s cheese it is a great side salad or it would make a lovely, light lunch.
  • You could also sprinkle some toasted almond flakes or pine nuts on the top for some extra crunch.

This salad makes a tasty accompaniment to chicken or fish dishes.


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