A diet that works for me…

About a month ago I started my own adaptation of the Autoimmune Paleo/Atkins approach. I’m trying to think of it more of a lifestyle choice than a diet. I have autoimmune disease and have battled with my weight since my teens – and I mean I have battled. I have been on diet after diet and I’ve tried most of them, but the problem is I get stuck, really stuck. The weight comes off all well and good to start off with and then the problem starts. No matter what I do, how closely I follow the diet, how much exercise I do, I just I plateau and stay there. It is at this point, when I have followed the diet to the letter and remained stuck for a month or more, that my will-power quits. I challenge anyone to be able to maintain a diet when that happens. You lose the vision and motivation that got you started in the first place and you just don’t see the point anymore.

I discovered about 15 years ago a method that works for me. If I don’t eat during the day and just have my normal sized, low carb, evening meal around 6pm with no snacks I lose weight and it helps me to keep the weight off. However, the many scare stories about your body going into starvation mode, not getting enough nutrients and so on stopped me from doing it. I have thought about it a lot and it takes a lot of self-control to maintain in the early stages, but my theory is: if it was good enough for our ancestors, why would it be so bad for us? Our generation only eats 3-5 meals a day because we can afford to. I suppose it’s the ultimate fasting dieting – instead of days on and off you just eat once in 24 hours.

This time round, as well as only eating once a day, I have eliminated several things from my diet, which I will reintroduce later on, and I think it is helping me to stick to the plan without cheating. I have always been a huge fan of diet coke – huge, my favourite drink ever. However, I have given up sugar and sweeteners and four weeks in – I don’t like it anymore. I had one mouthful and hated it. I’ve also stopped drinking coffee and have changed to herbal teas. It’s funny, but since I stopped having sugar and sweeteners my taste buds have changed and I can now drink herbal tea without adding sugar. I also no longer crave sweet things.

So, low carb, no sugar or sweetener, no coffee, and only eating once a day. Four weeks in and I’ve lost almost a stone and a half. I’m pleased with that.

What diets work for you?

Follow me and see how I get on. Will I make it to my target weight?




2 thoughts on “A diet that works for me…”

  1. I can say for sure that the diet you’re on will not work for me. I don’t know how you only eat once a day! I’m curious to know if that is that healthy for your body? My lifestyle change has been to cut down on portion sizes and, like yourself, the CARBS. I am a total carb-aholic. Good luck for the future x



    1. Thank you commenting, it’s great to hear how others diet and change their lifestyles! My diet’s not for everyone, it does take a bit of training to reduce the amount you eat, but its okay once you get into the routine. As for whether my body is healthy, well it certainly feels a lot healthier – I don’t get bloated at all now and in fact, while I think about it, I don’t get indigestion or IBS either. I’m enjoying feeling more energetic too. Best wishes x

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